Frequently asked questions about the Pageant of the Golden Tree

  • When does the Pageant of the Golden Tree take place?

    The Pageant of the Golden Tree will take place on Sunday, 25 August 2024, in Bruges. The Pageant departs from ’t Zand at around 2:30 p.m.

  • How long is the route?

    The route covers about 2.7 km and passes along the most beautiful places in Bruges. Toilets and accessible areas where the Pageant stops can be found on the map.

    Download the map in advance

  • Do I need to be in Bruges early?

    We recommend arriving in Bruges several hours in advance. The city centre will be closed to traffic around noon and the Pageant will only be accessible on foot.

    The last Pageant of the Golden Tree attracted some 75,000 visitors. So it’s best to come to Bruges in the morning if you want to beat the crowds.

  • Can I get to Bruges by train or bus?

    You sure can. We also strongly encourage the use of public transport since the city centre will be closed to vehicular traffic that day.

    All the information on timetables and connections can be found on the Belgian Train and De Lijn websites. Keep in mind that bus traffic is banned from the city centre from a certain time.

  • Can I get to the Pageant by bike?

    We definitely encourage travel by bike. However, keep in mind that the city centre will be closed to vehicular traffic that day starting at noon.

    Feel free to park your bike in the underground bicycle parking on ’t Zand. Movilo mobile bicycle storage systems will also be available on the Burg.

  • Where can I park?

    If you still plan to come by car, please note that, around noon, Bruges city centre will be closed to vehicular traffic. The car parks in the city centre will only be accessible again after the Pageant, so it’s best to park at one of the car parks along the periphery of the city.

    Can you come by public transport or bicycle? If so, that’s the easiest and fastest way to get to Bruges.

  • Will the Pageant be broadcast on TV?

    You can enjoy the Pageant from the comfort of your own home! Focus WTV will broadcast the Pageant of the Golden Tree live, with commentary by Lisa Demets that will be simultaneously translated into Flemish sign language.

  • Is the route accessible by wheelchair?

    Accessible seating will be provided for people with disabilities at several places along the route.

    You can buy a paid ticket for the grandstand at the market, where the first row will be reserved for wheelchair users. Your companion can come along for free and take a seat in the second row of the grandstand. For tickets, visit In&Uit or the Historium. Please note that these tickets cannot be purchased online.

    You can also enjoy the procession free of charge at the designated area at the Church of Our Lady. Places are reserved there for wheelchair users.

    There is also a care zone at ‘t Zand, on the Noordzandstraat side.

  • Is the route accessible with a pram

    The route is accessible with a pram, but keep in mind that the Pageant draws quite a crowd. You won’t be able to move through the crowd as easily.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    You can bring your dog, but bear in mind that your four-legged friend may not enjoy the huge crowds and the possible heat. 

  • Are there toilets?

    Along the course you will find some public toilets at the following locations:

    • ‘t Zand

    • Stadshallen

    • Gruuthuse Museum
    • Historium

    • Kuipersstraat

    Some toilets are accessible for people with disabilities, others have a changing table. See an overview of all available public toilets here.

  • Can I buy food or drinks?

    There are more than enough catering establishments along the route at which you can satisfy your thirst or hunger. You may, of course, bring your own food and drinks.

    Please keep our streets clean. We kindly ask that you dispose of waste such as uneaten food, packaging, and cans in the waste bins provided.

  • Can I buy tickets for the stands?

    Yes, you can buy paid tickets online for the stands at the Markt. You can also go to the sales points at In&Uit and the Historium.

  • Can I follow the Pageant without a ticket?

    You can admire the Pageant along the route for free. Download the map in advance to pick your spot.

  • Where can I buy the programme booklet?

    You can buy the programme booklet as of July first online, at the Historium on the Markt, and at In&Uit. The booklet costs €5 and tells you the whole fascinating story. It’s an absolute bonus to fully enjoy the Pageant.

  • Will there be stewards present during the Pageant

    Our stewards will be there to make sure the Pageant goes smoothly and to keep an eye on things. If you experience any problems or inconveniences during the Pageant, please don’t hesitate to speak to them.

  • Which items are prohibited?

    Drugs and sharp objects are better left at home. An umbrella in rainy weather is allowed, but be considerate of other visitors and do not obstruct the view.

  • Can I take pictures?

    You are certainly allowed to photograph the Pageant. However, we kindly request that you stay in place and don’t walk in the middle of the Pageant or among the participants.

    We always appreciate great footage, so please share your photos on social media and don’t forget to tag @goudenboomstoet!

  • Can I still register to be a participant?

    We notice a lot of enthusiasm to participate in the Pageant as actor. As we have already received a lot of applications, we are putting the registration for this on hold for the time being. You can, however, register on the waiting list. As soon as we have processed all the applications already submitted, we will consider the possibility of additional extras.

    Are you really keen to join the parade? Then sign up as a behind-the-scenes contributor! 

  • I have a ticket for the stands but can no longer attend. Can I sell or return my ticket?

    For reselling or returning tickets for the seat stands, we follow the rules of Tickets Brugge. More info can be found on the website.

  • Is there a first aid station?

    Yes, you can find the first aid posts on the map. These are the posts:

    • Church of Our Lady
    • Noordzandstraat (near Tabigha)
    • Markt (near the Stadshallen)
    • BMCC on the Beursplein